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NitroFill Tire Rewards

Purchase a New or Used Vehicle from a
Participating NitroFill Tire Rewards Dealer
and You May Never Pay for Tires Again.
Purchasing a car or truck from a dealership that fills their vehicles' tires with NitroFill has always been a shrewd choice, as NitroFilled tires last longer, enhance safety and provide better fuel economy. NitroFill customers have also long enjoyed Free Roadside Assistance, Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage and other valuable benefits, all offered as a statement of the confidence we have in the beneficial qualities and effectiveness of NitroFill. And now, through our NEW NitroFill Tire Rewards Program, customers who purchase their vehicles from participating NitroFill dealers, and adhere to our tire maintenance program, will not only enjoy these benefits but also qualify for almost $700. towards the purchase of their next set of new tires and installation.
How? Simply purchase a vehicle from a participating NitroFill Tire Rewards dealer, return to them every 5000 miles and have your tires rotated, keep your NitroFill Motor Club membership valid and you may be eligible for the following new Tire Rewards benefits:*
Number of
Tire Rotations
Total Benefit
3 rotations $25
4 rotations $50
5 rotations $100
6 rotations $150
7 rotations $250
8 rotations $300
9 rotations $350
10 rotations $400
11 rotations $450
12 rotations $600
NitroFill Tire Rewards members are also entitled to an additional $18.00 per tire towards the cost of mounting and balancing the new tires. Tires must be replaced at the new car dealership where member purchased their qualifying NitroFill service. NitroFill Tire Rewards is available at participating new car dealers only.
NitroFill Tire Rewards
*If the manufacturer of your vehicle does not recommend or prohibits the rotation of tires, you must have your tires inspected every 5,000 miles from the original odometer reading provided on the Effective Date (a +/-1,000 mile grace period applies for meeting this inspection requirement). Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits and benefit durations may vary. Benefits cover qualifying cars, trucks and SUV's. No benefits are provided for commercial vehicles.
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